A year of hard work and growth that set the stage for the next chapter… 2018.

2017 was a year of ups and downs, making mistakes, taking risks, big achievements, lessons learned, fine-tuning my style, much more traveling than I expected, and a lot of success for the studio. While I’m not going to get into everything that went into making 2017 such a great year, it’s for good reason. Sandi and I really feel like it was a transition year of sorts. It was the year that set everything in motion to make this coming year the one that I’ll be looking back on as THE year. We made a lot of lofty goals in 2016, both personal and professional. 2017 was the year where we put in more work than ever before, and those lofty goals all started to come to fruition. Since most of those accomplishments and new partnerships are all still pretty fresh, this is the year where we’ll be getting to put them to work as well as seeing the benefits.

Here are a handful of mine and Sandi’s favorite photos that we took this past year… enjoy 🙂

Leica Wedding Photographer

Leica Wedding Photographer

Philly Wedding Photographer

Leica Wedding Photographer

Top Philly Wedding Photographers

Leica Photographer

Best Philly Wedding Photographers

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Boudoir Engagement Shoot

PA Barn Wedding

Ashford Estate Wedding

Leica Wedding Photographer

Top Destination Wedding Photographer

Cape May Wedding Photographer

Cape May Wedding Photographer

Cork Factory Wedding


Jay Cassario


Rangefinder Magazine Feature 


  • Excellent work! Very creative eye and love your style! Looks like 2017 was a very successful year for you. Here’s to 2018!!! Cheers!

  • Jay, this overview is nothing short of sustained brilliance as a wedding photographer. You bring so much variety, yet the style is still uniform.

  • Jennwink

    Amazing work! My son’s engagement made the list. Can’t wait for you to do the wedding!

  • Jacqueline

    UNREAL! We absolutely can not wait to work with you both!!

  • Bro these are just incredible, I kept thinking man how are all of these just so goooood. I gotta come spend some time in Philly and get some of this magic from you. Thanks for continuing to inspire me.

  • Christine

    You and Sandi are UH-MAZING and I can’t wait to see you again SOOOON XOXO

  • Bud

    Bro. you completely killed 2017. I know you’ve got a whole awesome team up north, and it’s obvious you’re all pushing each other to get better and better.

    super impressive, keep it up!

  • Awesome work! The connection you make with clients is very evident. Looking forward to seeing what you do in 2018!

  • Literally speechless. Excuse me whilst I go quit photographing anything and everything for the rest of all time.

  • Very beautiful image.I am very impressed with the color

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