Album Gift Card
Add Twisted Oaks To Your Wedding Registry



You’re now engaged and planning your dream wedding, congratulations! You’ve picked the date, booked the venue, and now have us booked as your wedding photographer. While a lot of the planning process can be stressful, putting together your wedding registry is one of the more exciting and fun parts. This is the part that you get to pick out the gifts that you would like to receive during all of the celebrating. After all the work put into planning, it almost feels like you deserve this part for all of the stress you’ve been through just to get to this point alone.


While most don’t realize this, but there is such a thing as wedding registry etiquette. That etiquette says that you should have your registry completed by the time your wedding invitations go out. Besides that, the rest of the etiquette can be thrown out, this is your wedding and you ultimately know what you would like to add. Whether it’s done online or the old school way of walking around with your fiance with that registry gun firing away and anything and everything you can think of. From pots and pans to electronics and kitchenware, you also have the popular choice of bed linens and honeymoon expenses. One thing that most brides don’t think about is adding the gift of PRINT to their registry.



So, what do we mean by PRINT?


Well, we mean just that, but in the form of an album. Now that you’ve booked with us, you are learning the process of how we work and how we do our best to not any extra stress to your wedding planning process. At the beginning of 2019, we added a new option for our clients to add the gift of print to their wedding registry and we couldn’t be more excited.


The majority of our clients choose to have one of our custom, one of a kind albums included in their wedding package. Each and every client that receives an album in their package knows that we do them a favor by keeping things simplified during this process. Rather than having to make any decisions as far as the album is concerned, such as cover material, color, or even size, we include the base 8″ x 8″ Linen Album. This is what we include in every client’s package that receives an album, and we do so to save all of that decision making until after your wedding. Once your wedding is over and you’ve returned home from your honeymoon, your wedding photos will be delivered shortly after and the album design process begins. Now that all of the stress of planning is finished with and you’re still wiping your eyes each and every time you look through your online gallery, it’s time to start making those album decisions that we put off until now.


You know that you already have a beautiful 8″ x 8″ Linen album (containing 50 images) fully paid for and can start the image selection process right away. You can choose to stick with that size and basic design, which is perfectly fine with us. You also have a lot of other upgrade options that are available. You can upgrade the size of the album, the material, the cover design, as well as adding in additional images since choosing 50 images can be a pretty tough job when you have a gallery of over 600 to choose from. All of which brings you right back to that day and you’re having a difficult time talking yourself into leaving them out of the album.



This is where the Album Gift Card comes into play, and why we are really excited that as of December of 2019, our brides can have them added to their wedding registry. You simply share the link at the top of this page with your friends and family which allows them to purchase gift cards that will be added directly to your Twisted Oaks account and you’ll be able to see how much you have available to use towards album upgrades when the time comes. If there is anything left over, it can be put towards parent albums or any other print products that we offer. If you didn’t decide to go with an album in your initial package, the gift cards can be used towards just that, the purchase of a wedding album.


Once it’s time for you to start putting your registry together, simply send out that link at the top of the page. Anyone that clicks on it will be given the opportunity to purchase a Twisted Oaks gift card just for you. Once the payment is processed, you’ll receive an email to let you know that you’ve received a gift card along with the amount that it’s for. That amount is automatically added to your account so you can keep track of exactly how much you’ve been given and what you’ll have to work with come time to design your album!