Alicia & Matt | Hollyhedge Estate Wedding
Alicia & Matt | Hollyhedge Estate Wedding

Alicia and Matt’s HollyHedge Estate wedding is one that we have been looking forward to showing off. There’s really no hiding the fact that Sandi and I love weddings out in the country, surrounded by mountains. We got married in the Poconos, 10 years ago, just around the time when Alicia and Matt first started dating. 10 years later, we found ourselves heading back out to rural Pennsylvania to photograph their wedding. The HollyHedge Estate is a beautiful venue, hands down one of our favorites, and we had beautiful weather. The sun was out all day, just how we like it.

Knowing how much Alicia and Matt loved our work and couldn’t wait for us to see the HollyHedge Estate, Sandi and I put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Not only to deliver the creative and artistic shots that we knew they wanted, but to also capture those special moments throughout the day that would help tell the story of their big day. I think we were just as excited when we pulled up that morning as they were, when we seen how beautiful everything looked. We were just as excited by the end of the night feeling pretty confident that we had captured the day just as they had wanted. It was awesome wedding, an awesome party led by one of the best bands we have seen, and we were treated like family all day long. We couldn’t be happier for these two, and look forward to seeing them again soon!

I shot a lot of film throughout the day, which is mixed in here along with the digital shots. The film was all Fuji400H shot on the Pentax645, and the digital is a mix of Canon, Nikon, and Leica. With the sun being extremely bright all day, I was able to use it to my advantage and get a few really artistic flare shots. We also got to work with one of our favorite video teams, VIP Video Productions, which made the day even better.

UPDATE: One of Matt and Alicia’s photos were chosen out of 10,000 submissions to win a Fearless Photographer Award. Check it out – FEARLESS AWARD

For Photographers: A few of the images in this blog were used in a recent article I published on SLR Lounge about how I get beautiful lens flare in some of my images. Here is the link to the article: [REAL LENS FLARE – DONE THE RIGHT WAY]

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Vendors for Alicia and Matt’s HollyHedge Estate Wedding 

Wedding Dress: Mori Lee

Bride’s Shoes: Nina

Groom’s Tux: Perry Ellis

Groom’s Shoes: Cole Haan

Hair/Makeup: Ashley Mulligan

Florist: Twisted Willow Flowers

Caterer: HollyHedge Estate

Ceremony: St. Martin of Tours

Reception: HollyHedge Estate

Videographer: VIP Video- Darren Leary

Band: Masquerade


Jay Cassario


Rangefinder Magazine Feature 


  • Doug P

    Awesome as always. I love that flare shot!!!

  • John Leopardi (Dad)

    Beautiful. Excellent photos, Matt and Alicia had a special day and Twisted Oaks Studios helped make it that way!

  • The photos of just the two of them in the forest are beautiful.

  • Wonderful pictures I love the black and white ones!

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