Gerry & MacKenzie | Free Library Philadelphia
Gerry & MacKenzie | Free Library Philadelphia

This was my first time shooting a wedding at the Free Library Philadelphia and it was such a beautiful venue as you will see in the images below.  However, it was Gerry and MacKenzie that truly made this wedding day amazing.  They are one of those couples that are just so laid back and fun to be around that you desperately want to capture their images in a way that does justice to their wedding day.  From having Gerry coming in to MacKenzie’s hotel room for a visit before the wedding ceremony, blindfolded of course, to a very moving moment that was captured through a cracked doorway when they were tucked away from the guests following the ceremony.   This wedding at the Free Library Philadelphia was just full of the entire range of emotions you can feel in a given wedding day.  Of course all good ones though!

We started the day at the Hotel Le Meridien in Philadelphia before heading over to the ceremony at the beautiful St. John the Evangelist Church in Center City, Philadelphia.  From there Gerry and MacKenzie gave me free reign over the city, which always makes my day!  We made a pit stop at City Hall and then headed to the Free Library Philadelphia with numerous pitstops along the way!

Once at the Free Library Philadelphia we busted out the Photo Booth for them and the party got underway!  And if the day wasn’t kick ass enough already, Gerry and MacKenzie were all for exploring the Free Library Philadelphia with me to make a few more killer images.   I can’t say enough good things about these two and I have no doubts they will have an amazing life together!  Congratulations again to the both of you and I hope you enjoy these!

Free Library Philadelphia for Photographers:

This was my first wedding with my new/2nd Nikon D5.  After sending the first one back because of some glitches when shooting in the vertical orientation I went back and forth on whether or not to return or exchange the new Nikon flagship.  In the end I decided the AF alone was justification enough to keep it.  And the first wedding with it proved that decision to be the correct one.  I will have a full write up on the D5 and how amazing the AF is on The Twisted Society in the next few weeks.  I will also be writing up how I lit the rooftop dance party at the Free Library Philadelphia.  It is a bit of a tough scenario where you have to light the dance floor up well but also incorporate the amazing views of the city at the same time.  All of that will be up on The Twisted Society in the coming weeks so be sure to check it out!

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  • Rhonda Moore

    WOW! That’s all I can say – the pictures are absolutely beautiful, they are so human, so natural, so believable! Your husband looks like a fantastically funny and good-natured soul. I have a sneaky feeling you will go the long run with this one!

    Many, many heartfelt wishes for a bountiful and blessed union!

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