Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm Wedding | Matt & Erica
Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm Wedding | Matt & Erica

A Picture-Perfect Farm Wedding at Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm

As wedding photographers, we often find ourselves under the intense gaze of our clients, but when those clients are talented photographers themselves, the pressure reaches a new level. Erica and Matt, both exceptional bird and nature photographers, tied the knot at Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm, one of the most beautiful farm wedding venues in NJ, and we had the honor of capturing their special day.

From the moment we arrived at Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm, the weather set the perfect stage for a rustic farm wedding. The sun shone brightly, casting a golden glow over the 300 acres of picturesque countryside. While many photographers prefer overcast skies, we embrace the challenge of direct sunlight, and it truly brought out the best in our artistic style of photography, as you can see from the images below.


Erica and Matt’s Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm Wedding was a small, intimate affair with an outdoor ceremony under the clear, cool skies of an unseasonably beautiful day. The historic 17th-century barns, the lush orchards, and the charming animals provided a stunning backdrop for their rustic farm wedding. Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm gave us full access to the property, allowing us to capture a wide array of breathtaking shots that reflected the couple’s deep appreciation for nature and artistry.

Meeting Erica and Matt for the first time on their wedding day could have been daunting, especially since we typically get to know our clients during engagement shoots. However, within minutes of our initial conversation, it felt as though we were old friends. This immediate rapport set the tone for the day, making it one of the most enjoyable weddings we’ve ever photographed. Their comfort with us allowed them to be themselves, and their trust in our vision enabled us to document their day in a truly artistic and unobtrusive manner.

One of the standout moments was the extended time they requested after the reception. This undistracted, twilight period allowed us to capture some incredible night shots, showcasing not just the beauty of the Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm venue, but the genuine connection and love between Erica and Matt. Their decision to prioritize photography and their trust in our ability to deliver made this rustic farm wedding a reminder of why we love our job so much. We couldn’t be more thankful to them both for trusting us on their big day and making us feel like family, it’s what keeps our passion for this job going as strong as it does.

Erica and Matt’s heartfelt review perfectly encapsulates their experience with us:

I reached out to Twisted Oaks Studio because their online portfolio really stood out to me – the photography was artistic and atmospheric, with interesting compositions and beautiful work with light and shadow. Their work is so different from the majority of wedding photography I came across in my research. I was thrilled to find that Sandi and Jay were available to shoot our wedding. What I didn’t know was how kind and funny and personable they would be!

My husband and I are pretty camera-shy and don’t like to be the center of attention. He, in particular, was dreading having his photo taken. We’re wildlife photographers, and much more comfortable on the other side of the lens! Within minutes of meeting Jay and Sandi, my husband was talking and joking with them like old friends, and the tension was gone from his face. We couldn’t have asked for a better connection with these two.

Sandi and Jay not only made the photography experience easy, but they made it fun! Rather than directing specific poses, they gave us some pointers and had us “do our thing” – and move in ways that were natural to us, which was also a relief. Our comfort level and rapport with them is surely reflected in our photos.

Now, the photos… they are simply breathtaking. Jay and Sandi use light and shadow to create dreamy, evocative images, and the variety of interesting and artistic compositions really make their work stand out. A wide variety of photos ranging from close-up detail images to spectacular wide-angle shots provide a sense of the scope of the event. My friends and family members have been stunned by the photos, and have remarked on their “quiet beauty,” some have described them as “dreamy” and “magical.” My immediate family members are all trained in art, and my brother stated that “your photographer is a serious artist, those photos are insane!” And my father wrote, “They are an incredible group of photos… Jay is a master photographer!”

I can’t stop looking at our photos and reliving all the emotions of the day, and I feel so grateful to Sandi and Jay for capturing the magic and beauty of our wedding. Having seen their work, I knew they would do a good job, but I had no idea how far they would exceed my expectations, and how much our fun experience with them would add to an already joy-filled day. I have nothing but gratitude for – and awe of – their work.

(Jay and Sandi, we can’t thank you guys enough.)


Jay Cassario


Rangefinder Magazine Feature 


  • Evan

    Damn. This shit slaps. Those wides are INSANE.

  • Laura S

    Omg, guys, I have never seen better shots of a terrific wedding between two wonderful people. Amazing!

  • Laura S

    Super, super shots. You showed them off at their best, and highlighted the venue as well. Don’t know how anyone could have done better!

  • Very nice blog

  • Phyllis Germano

    Matt’s mom here…. Nothing short of spectacular! Thank you for capturing Matt & Erica’s day, their vision and who they are. Well done… perfection!!

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