Lynne & Lance | Anniversary Shoot
Lynne & Lance | Anniversary Shoot

On January 3rd, of 2015, Lynne and Lance got married at the Smithville Inn on a frigid and rainy day. They hired Sandi and I to capture the day in an artistic and creative way, leaving everything in our hands as far as photography went. When the weather didn’t cooperate and the rain didn’t let up, they had complete trust in us still coming through with giving them the wedding photos they had hired us to capture. Long story short, we captured some of our all-time favorite images that day, and thanks to them both having complete trust in us, most of the images were taken out in the cold and windy rain.

One year later, Lance wanted to give Lynne an anniversary gift that he knew she would love, an anniversary shoot. Just like on his wedding day, he wanted to leave the creativity up to me and put full creative power in my hands. He chose a location that he felt would fit the look he wanted to go for and we went for it. I met the down at the end of the long Great Bay Blvd, which dead ends at the bay, a very desolated area at this time of year. Unlike their wedding day, the sun was shining bright and I was able to capture a completely different look and feel to their anniversary images, something they were excited to see. It was definitely cold again, but that is to be expected this time of year, and just like one year prior, it didn’t keep them from having full trust in my ideas. Here are a handful of images we got, not a bad little anniversary gift… well done Lance 🙂 Thank you for trusting in me again, it was a lot of fun and hope to make this a yearly shoot!



Jay Cassario


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