Natural History Museum Wedding | Clayton & Abril
Natural History Museum Wedding | Clayton & Abril

After hiking the Ho Chi Min Trail in Torrey Pines last month with Clayton and Abril, I was counting down the days until their San Diego Natural History Museum rooftop wedding. Not only do I love shooting on the West Coast but I knew this fun and adventurous couple had something very special in the works.

Clayton and Abril are one of those couples who remind you what love is supposed to look like. The couple that has their differences and unique personalities yet geek out together as they marathon through Star Wars, Marvel MCU, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or even GOT any chance they get. They also share a love for architecture, both having earned their Master’s in Architecture at the Newschool of Architecture & Design in San Diego where they met for the first time. Most importantly, Clayton loves Mexican food and Abril not only loves to cook it but was actually born and raised in Mexico.

On the day of the wedding, the weather was absolutely perfect. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky as the sun made its way from one side to the other. Just the way we like it! Abril started her day getting her hair and makeup done in downtown San Diego, Clayton was over on Coronado Island. Their first look was in Balboa Park just before heading over to the rooftop of The Nat to tie the knot and celebrate with family and friends.

San diego engagement photos

Thankfully, Clayton and Abril flew me out last month for their engagement shoot which gave us the chance to hang out and get to know each other a little bit before their wedding day. This allowed us to capture their day in a very photojournalistic style which you’ll be able to see in the photos below. I was able to build that trust with them ahead of time so that they were able to truly be themselves in front of our cameras. Lastly, we knew that they would want us to push things creatively and not shy away from taking risks, and we didn’t 🙂


Congrats again to our new friends, Clayton and Abril, we’re looking forward to seeing you again and hopefully enjoying some home-cooked tacos! Thank you for treating us like family and making this trip go as smoothly as it did, enjoy!


Jay Cassario


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