Shannon & Josh | Winterthur Wedding
Shannon & Josh | Winterthur Wedding

I feel like I could write a book about the experience it has been both getting to know Josh and Shannon, as well as shooting their Winterthur wedding. The two of them were more like good friends that we had known for years after their engagement session, so when they had wanted to change their venue a little late in the game, they made sure I agreed with their decision. I remember Josh texting me and asking me to take a look at a venue called Winterthur that was over an hour and a half drive away. It was in Delaware and also required me to set a day aside to drive out and take a tour of the grounds prior to the wedding. Looking at the photos online, I’ll admit, I was a little confused by his excitement of this place. It seemed like a lot of work, changing everything around, to move the wedding to a new venue that didn’t seem all that impressive online. Long story short, Winterthur is the property and one time home of the late Henry Francis du Pont, which is is set amidst a 1,000-acre preserve of rolling meadows and woodlands. It’s absolutely beautiful and quickly became one of the most impressive venues I have shot at.

Knowing that JD would love shooting at this place just as much as me, I brought him along as well as our intern Austin. With the 3 of us shooting this, I knew we would be able to make the most of this huge property that I could literally shoot at for days. Well, not only did the day seem to go flawlessly, but we were able to capture some amazing images for Shannon and Josh. It’s hard to put into words just how thankful I am that the two of them invited to be part of their wedding day and trusted me with capturing these important memories. They left everything in my hands, just how I like it, giving me the ability to be as creative as I wanted. As photographers, shooting this wedding was like throwing 3 kids into a candy store, with a stunningly beautiful couple and an amazing venue. So without rambling on anymore, here is a little highlight reel of what we captured from Shannon and Josh’s wedding.

Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0001 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0002 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0003 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0005 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0007 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0009 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0008 Blog_0002 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0012 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0099 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0013 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0097 Blog_0001 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0031 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0046 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0047 Blog_0004 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0067 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0050 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0026 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0051 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0027 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0052 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0024 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0059 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0077 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0080 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0100 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0036 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0082 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0037 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0038 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0084 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0086 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0061 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0087 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0023 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0020 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0017 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0015 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0058 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0056 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0064 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0063 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0030 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0057 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0062 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0073 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0070 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0075 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0091 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0078 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0066 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0090 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0089 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0068 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0065 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0028 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0040 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0088 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0092 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0041 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0042 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0044 Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0043Jay_Cassario_Twisted_oaks_Winterthur-0093




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