Taffeta Hair & Makeup Design
Taffeta Hair & Makeup Design


Working together with hair and makeup designers as often as we do, we have gotten to see just how good Taffeta truly is, and they are the best in the business. Taffeta Design is a talented collection of traveling hair stylists and make up artists, catering to brides in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Deleware. We have worked with them too many times to count and they are our go-to team for any styled shoots we do.

Alexandra Jenkins, Director and Owner of the company, is an established bridal hair stylist based out of New Jersey who wanted to create a company solely catering to brides and their special days. She and her team of exceptional artists are highly experienced, professional and reliable. Each artist is hand picked for their leading quality of work – the very best in their craft.  Taffeta Design can guarantee the highest quality of service without worry.


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