Acadia | Family Getaway 2018
Acadia | Family Getaway 2018

A last-minute trip up to Acadia was well worth it. It was cold and rainy the first couple days but the weather cleared up and we had some sun and temps in the mid to high 60’s. We stayed in the Southwest Harbor just 10 minutes from Bass Harbor Lighthouse and got to do some new exploring. It was just in time for Luke’s birthday, he turns four on the 30th, but we are working so we celebrated while we were there. It’s the perfect place to celebrate his birthday since we were in Maine just weeks prior to him being born. We were there for one last vacation before becoming parents and to take some maternity photos in our favorite vaca spot. One of those maternity photos was taken at a tree that sits alone out in the middle of a huge wild blueberry field that has captured my attention since I first saw it twenty-some years ago. I took this specific photo of Sandi in front of this tree with a much larger idea in mind. This past trip up to Maine we captured the third photo in the series that started with that first shot, taking a new one every 2 years. Pretty cool to see that not only did Luke double in size with each photo, but so did the tree. Click on the photo of Sandi and Luke to see all 3 photos.

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