Alison & Nick | Brigalias Wedding
Alison & Nick | Brigalias Wedding

Whenever Sandi and I meet with potential wedding clients, we explain why we like to build relationships with our clients. We explain that want to get to know them, and the better we know them, the better we will be able to tell their story. We always explain that we like our clients to look at us more like friends attending their wedding rather than wedding photographers. On a chilly day in late November, with just a few weddings left for the 2015 wedding season, Sandi and I had the privilege of attending Ali and Nick’s wedding. From the moment we arrived, til the moment late in the evening when we were asked to hang out afterwards for a few drinks, we never felt like hired wedding photographers. Ali and Nick, along with all of their family and friends, looked at us like friends… who just happened to bring their cameras to take some shots of the day 🙂

Prior to Ali and Nick stopping over our house a couple years ago for their consultation, we had never met them. Through emails, phone calls, and their engagement shoot, which we had a lot of fun on, we all got to know each other better. Because of the relationship we built, Sandi and I were able to tell their story with the images we captured that day in such a special way. The two of them are amazing people as individuals, even more amazing as a couple. They have a close group of friends who love them like family, and all have awesome personalities that made the wedding one of the best of the year for us. Ali and Nick’s Brigalias wedding reminded us why we fell in love with wedding photography to begin with, and why we try to get to know all our clients. We’re excited to see what the future holds for these two and hopefully get to capture more memories for them down the road as they build their family together.

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Jay Cassario


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  • Christa Castoldi

    These are AMAZING!!!! Definitely bring tears to my eyes whenever I see them! Awesome couple, awesome wedding, and awesome photographers!!!

  • Christina Contino ( Aunt Chris)

    Your wedding pictures are just beautiful! They surely do show the love you have for each other and how happy the both of you are. We love you and had a great time at your wedding!

  • Awesome work. Constantly blown away by it Jay!

  • alyssa Kaufman

    I was just editing their wedding video and was curious what their photos look like! They are absolutely beautiful! I had so much fun working with you guys that day!

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