Allison & Eric | Ricketts Glen State Park
Allison & Eric | Ricketts Glen State Park

Allison & Eric – Ricketts Glen State Park

When we first met with Allison and Eric to talk about their wedding plans, they mentioned possibly getting their engagement photos done somewhere up in PA, in the mountains… with waterfalls. A few months after they signed the contract to have us shoot their wedding, we were planning their engagement shoot. After 6 hours of driving and a 4-hour hike that went past the sun going down, Sandi and I captured some of our favorite engagement photos we’ve ever taken. Anyone that knows us, knows that we love to hike and spend just about every summer in Maine doing just that. Anytime our clients want to take us on an adventure with them and have us photograph it, we are all in. It was a great day, and we got to spend it getting to know Allison and Eric even better. Their wedding will be one that we will no doubt be looking forward to all year. Scroll down and take a look through all the photos, it will no doubt have you wanting to plan a trip to Ricketts Glen in the near future.

Photographers: This entire shoot was shot on the new Canon 5D MarkIV. Sandi and I recently switched over from primarily shooting Nikon to shooting Canon with the new 5D. We still kept some of our Nikon gear, but we are loving our new Canon setup and this shoot is a great example of why we love it so much. The beautiful colors and tones of the Canon files, along with the impressive new AF system, the new 5D MarkIV is pretty much the perfect all around DSLR for our shooting style.

[Canon 5D MarkIV First Impressions Review]

Ricketts Glen State Park Engagement twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0003 twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0011 Philly Wedding Photographer Fall Engagement Shoot twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0014 twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0033 twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0002 twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0013 twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0005 twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0007 twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0004 twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0025 Ricketts Glen State Park Jay Cassario twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0019 twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0035 twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0021 Ricketts Glen State Park Best Philly Wedding Photographer twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0017 twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0018 twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0020 jay-cassario-allison-eric-0001Ricketts Glen State Park Wedding twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0036twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0028 twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0037twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0029 twisted-oaks-studio-ricketts-glen-engagement-0032


Jay Cassario


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