Sarah & Peter | Ashford Estate Wedding
Sarah & Peter | Ashford Estate Wedding

The story of Sarah and Peter’s beautiful Ashford Estate wedding on September 3rd, 2017. The Ashford Estate has quickly become one of our favorite venues to shoot at and hopefully, you can see why from this blog post. We were lucky enough to get to shoot there a few times in 2017 and we’ll be heading back again in 2018. Sarah and Peter spent the day surrounded by family and friends who helped make this day an extremely special one. The weather was perfect and the perfect example of why we love September weddings as much as we do. It’s also the reason September is one of our busiest months as a studio.

This wedding was shot with a mix of film and digital cameras. All the film shots were taken with the Contax645 on Fuji400 film while all the digital images were captured on either Canon or Leica gear. This venue really calls for film, and it’s a big reason we shot a lot of it. The Ashford Estate property is simply stunning, with a beautiful barn where they hold the ceremonies, a carriage house, grand ballroom, and a lake with a floating gazebo. This was honestly the perfect setting for Sarah and Peter’s wedding as you could tell that this was their style and they seemed to fit perfectly with it.

We absolutely love that the Ashford Estate offers everything in one place. The day starts and ends there, from prep until the last call, and sometimes even the after party like Sarah and Peter had. Being there from beginning to end allows us to truly capture the entire day, telling the story of our clients the best way possible. The day was filled with laughter, tears, and one hell of a party. We were there for all of it and had an absolutely amazing time.

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