Campground Wedding | Melanie & Joe
Campground Wedding | Melanie & Joe

Melanie and Joe’s Campground wedding was easily one of the most unique weddings that we photographed this year, but completely our style. The two of them decided to keep their wedding low key, nothing over the top, and at a place that had a lot of meaning to them, Camp Dark Waters. For a campground wedding, we had the perfect weather to take full advantage of everything that a photographer would hope for.

We had canoes, which we took out down the river to a tree that had been knocked down across the water. A perfect spot for them to paddle over to the shore and climb out. In their bare feet, they walked out onto the fallen tree for some really cool portraits of the two of them simply enjoying the most of their wedding day. Exactly the way that they had wanted it to go. No one telling them what to do or how to do it. As a result, we were able to capture some great shots of them all throughout the day.

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The ceremony was held down at the camp’s outdoor chapel which was right up against the river creating a beautiful backdrop for them to exchange their vows. Melanie looked stunning in her boho style dress and looked even better with her new hubby as we walked around the camp capturing some fun and candid moments between the two of them. This was actually our first campground wedding, and to be honest, it really was everything that we had expected it to be. Now we just hope that we can book a few of these each year. Low key yet still a blast once the party started. No stress throughout the day, just a bride and groom with their friends and family enjoying the day without a hoopla of the bigger city weddings that we spent a good amount of the 2018 wedding season photographing.

We wish these two nothing but the best and congratulate them for having the best cake smash that Sandi and I have seen since our own wedding 14 years ago! Well done you two, and we’re looking forward to capturing a lot more of your important life moments as they come along. Congrats!

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  • Jennifer

    I can not love these more! You really captured the vibe they were looking for!

  • These wedding Photographs are so stunning with unique location.

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