Camp Reset | Wedding Photographer Workshop
Camp Reset | Wedding Photographer Workshop

Camp Reset

This past weekend was the first annual Camp Reset, and it was not only a huge success, but it was held at a pretty special place. It’s pretty crazy just how much can change in the span of 10 years. Back on June 4th of 2005, Sandi and I got married in the Pocono Mountains, at the Mountain Springs Lake Resort. Back then, neither of us were the slightest bit into photography or even owned a camera. Fast forward to this past weekend, and I found myself hosting a 3-day long wedding photography workshop at that same exact resort. Taking photos of a married couple modeling for us, standing in the same exact spot where Sandi and I exchanged our vows.

It was only a little over 4 years ago that I officially jumped into the wedding photography industry and shot my first wedding. Since that time, I’ve accomplished more in this industry than I ever could have imagined and built one of the most well known and successful multi-photographer wedding studios in the country. With that being said, I have also been very active in the educational side of the industry, but have held off on hosting workshops of my own.

I’ve helped out other photographers, but for the past 3 years, I have purposely held off on hosting anything myself. I honestly wanted to wait until I felt that I was ready, and that I had something valuable to offer. I also wanted to wait until I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and what I wanted others to get out of it. As I watched 2016 bring a tough year for many photographers, for a number of different reasons, something clicked and I began planning. I thought that hosting a workshop near the beginning of the new year would be a great idea. Hosting a workshop based around the idea of RESETTING, and getting 2017 kicked off with new ideas, changes, and confidence. This is where the idea of Camp Reset was born.

I wanted to have it be myself and two other speakers that would bring something completely different to the table. Three different styles, three different shooting techniques, and three different business approaches. I also wanted to make networking and making new friends a huge part of the workshop. I brought in Bud Johnson and Douglas Polle as the other speakers and decided to hold the workshop at the Mountain Springs Lake Resort in Reeders, Pennsylvania. This is the same place that I had gotten married at 11 years ago. Mountain Springs Lake was the perfect place to hold the workshop because they have a beautiful piece of property hidden in the Pocono Mountains of PA with a large lake and rustic log cabins for everyone to stay in.

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Camp Reset  


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