Fernbrook Farms | Natalie & Andreas
Fernbrook Farms | Natalie & Andreas

From the very first Facetime consultation that I had with both Natalie and Andreas, I knew that Sandi and I would be the perfect fit for their Fernbrook Wedding. As with most consultations, I ended the call letting them know that there would be no rush on making a decision. Meanwhile, I was really hoping to hear back from them that same night, excited to get them signed and the planning process started. They were a very laid back couple, with a new son that was less than a year old at the time that we first spoke. Talking to them felt like talking to old friends and their venue was one that I had been wanting to shoot at for a while yet somehow it had managed to dodge us up until two weeks ago. Once they booked, I convinced them into meeting up to hang out to capture some family photos just before the holidays instead of an engagement shoot. We met at our favorite Christmas Tree farm and got to not only meet the two of them in person but also their son Dieter, which only made us even more excited for their wedding.

Christmas Tree Farm Engagement

On June 1st, Natalie and Andreas’s Fernbrook Farms Wedding turned out to be better than we had even expected, and I know it was everything the two of them had dreamed it would be. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and it didn’t take long for Fernbrook Farms to quickly become one of our favorite venues to shoot at. The day started off with Andreas and his groomsmen hanging out and trying their best to catch as much of the Liverpool champions league game. You’ll even see one photo where they had to watch it on Andreas’s cell phone to get the best reception and if you look closely you’ll see Dieter is drinking his formula and watching the game as well. I personally didn’t get to see the girls until just before the ceremony, but I did get to work with Sandi and capture a few shots of Natalie in her wedding gown just before heading out.

The ceremony was gorgeous and A Garden Party did a stunning job with all the florals, including the unique looking arbor. After officially becoming the Natoli Family, we headed out to document them spending some time together away from everyone else, simply enjoying the day that they spent so much time planning and preparing for. For those who know me, it wouldn’t be too difficult to realize what is that I love so much about shooting at Fernbrook Farms. They have a ton of farm animal. Some roaming around freely, others in their pens, but we got to spend some time hanging out with them, just before sunset, as you’ll see. Natalie and Andreas danced their first dance together as husband and wife (a pretty impressive choreographed dance) as the sun was slowly going down, giving us some absolutely beautiful golden hour light to photograph them with. As soon as their dance ended we ran out and captured one last photo of them both enjoying their first beautiful sunset together.

VENUE: Fernbrook Farms

BRIDE’S GOWN: Hayley Paige

BRIDE’S SHOES: Stuart Weitzman

GROOM’S TUX: Kenneth Cole

GROOM’S SHOES: Florsheim

FLORIST: A Garden Party

HAIR & MAKEUP: Philly Hair Girl

WEDDING CAKE: Fernbrook Farms

DJ: Remixologist

COOKIE NAMETAGS: Art on a Cookie


Fernbrook Farms Fernbrook Farms Fernbrook Farms Fernbrook Farms WeddingFernbrook Farms Wedding Fernbrook Farms Fernbrook Farms


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