Hollyhedge Estate Wedding| Jack & Rachel
Hollyhedge Estate Wedding| Jack & Rachel

Jack and Rachel’s Hollyhedge Estate wedding was a special one for us. Not only because it was the last wedding that we photographed before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but also because of who the clients are and our relationship with them. Jack is a professional photographer who has been good friends with Jay and Sandi for a little over 10 years now.

Anytime we shoot another photographer’s wedding there’s that added bit of pressure. When it’s also a good friend the stakes are even higher. With that being said, some of Jay and Sandi’s best work has come when the pressure’s on, and this wedding was no different. As with most photographers, Jack isn’t the biggest fan of being in front of a camera. With that in mind, Jay and Sandi wanted to make sure they shot most of the day in a documentary and hands-off style with a few creative portraits mixed in.

If you don’t know who Jack Fusco is, you’re not alone, he really isn’t all that great at photography. He’s only an award-winning and well-known name in the star, night sky, and astrophotography genre whose work can be found anywhere from National Geographic to NASA, to Forbe’s magazine. He grew up in NJ, where he and Rachel met and started dating, and then moved to San Diego where the two live today. The night sky and scenery is just a tiny bit prettier then what we have here in NJ, especially for a photographer.

Since most of Jack and Rachel’s family are still on the East Coast, they decided to get married in Pennsylvania rather than having everyone fly out to San Diego. While we’re sure the family appreciated that, we charged them double for this decision as a penalty for not flying us out to Cali for a few days. Being that their wedding was in January, the last thing that Jay said he wanted to hear was that Jack would be planning his wedding to be held at a venue in PA. He pleaded and begged him to change his mind but in the end, Jay’s threats obviously didn’t pan out too well 😉

When the wedding rolled around on January 11th, the weather in Pennsylvania was surprisingly beautiful and almost 20 degrees above average. It was far from the type of weather everyone was expecting for a mid-January wedding in PA. The venue that Jack and Rachel chose to get married at, the Hollyhedge Estate, is one that Jay & Sandi love working at and one that Twisted Oaks has been to many times before as a studio. We’ve photographed some of our favorite weddings there and this one was no different. You can click on the link below to see more blog posts and photos from the beautiful Hollyhedge Estate.


Congrats to Jack and Rachel, we hope that the two of you love the photos! You may not have gone the popular route when you decided to leave warm and sunny San Diego to have your January wedding in PA, but the oddly warm temps made everyone quickly forget about that, including Jay :). It really did turn out to be quite the perfect day and HollyHedge Estate made for the perfect backdrop!




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  • Dana Worzel

    Hi there!

    My fiancé, Rob Lesniak, and myself are newly engaged! We are just getting into the wedding planning over here… very exciting! We’ve found an amazing band and next on our list is a photographer!

    You were recommended by my future brother and sister in law, Ric and Alli Veloso- May 2017! We just wanted to reach out to see if you’re available for October 2nd or 16th of 2021. Our wedding will be at their dads farm/pond property… so it will be a BIG backyard wedding! We’ve dreamt of a beautiful barn wedding but can’t imagine the heartbreak of what the future might look like.

    In addition to the wedding, we wanted to see your availability for an engagement shoot this fall-our favorite season!

    Looking forward to hear back from you,
    Rob Lesniak and Dana Worzel

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