Inn at Fernbrook Wedding
Inn at Fernbrook Wedding

When Jess reached out to me only a few short months before her Inn at Fernbrook Wedding with Pete, we clicked immediately, and I absolutely loved the fact that she was all about allowing us to let our creative juices flow and allowing us to shoot their day how we would see it unfold.  It wasn’t long after that and I was heading off to the Inn at Fernbrook super excited to work with these two on their wedding day.  I should also mention that the vibe at the Fernbrook Inn is truly something unique with the historical Inn feel, mixed in with a huge open field for cocktail hour, and some farm animals just to spice things up a bit. After all, you never know when adding a farm animal will make for an epic image!

The day went flawless for these two and sometimes you can just sense when a couple is just perfect for each other, this was one of those days. From prep time with her sisters and her Mom to the first look with her Dad, the morning was a blast and being the storytellers we enjoy being I couldn’t ask for a better story to tell.  After the ceremony, we didn’t take too long with portraits as these two were just so easy to work with that we didn’t need to take very long. Instead, we were back to the cocktail hour on time and back to tell their amazing story.

At the end of the night, a passing rain shower afforded us the opportunity to have a little bit of shooting fun at night before enjoying the rest of the party. And partied everyone did, just the way I enjoy shooting receptions, no bouquet, no garter, no cake cutting, just a good old fashioned and uninterrupted party!

Congrats again to Pete and Jess and I can’t wait to make a return trip to the Inn at Fernbrook!

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