Jena & Jeremy | Auletto Caterers
Jena & Jeremy | Auletto Caterers

Jena and Jeremy’s wedding was a very special one for us. We knew how important this day was for them, as well as the images we would capture. The photos would be a huge help in getting Jena through the few months while Jeremy is away. Jeremy is a 1st Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, an Osprey pilot to be specific. A month and 8 days after their wedding, Jeremy would leave to serve on a crisis response deployment in Europe. The wedding was on December 19th of 2015, and Jeremy is currently still away on deployment, and will be away until August. There is also a chance of an extension, anywhere from 1-3 months. Knowing this before hand, Sandi and I put a lot of pressure on ourselves to capture some incredible images for both of them to get them through their time away from each other.

Speaking with Jena on her wedding day, you could see how special this day meant to her, and not once did she complain about Jeremy having to leave shortly after their wedding. Speaking with Jeremy, I was able to see how much he cared about protecting the lives of people he didn’t even know. Having gotten to know Jena prior to their wedding, she made it very clear that even though she knew it would come quick and would be an extremely difficult time in their marriage, it would strengthen them as husband and wife. In her own words, “I could never do what he does, knowing the possibility of sacrificing his life for others. He’s the reason I can get through these tough days alone”.

The wedding itself was our last of the 2015 wedding season, and it was honestly one of the funnest. All of the groomsmen were in the military, whether it be the Marines or the Navy, and it was our first time getting to capture some of the military style celebrations. It was one hell of a party and by the end of the night, at Auletto Caterers, it was the perfect ending to an amazing year.

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  • I told Jena right after she got engaged make sure you get a great photographer. You will have these photos to cherish for the rest of your life. Well you guys blew me away! You captured their love on their special day with incredible images that are timeless, creative, and simply amazing! Thank you for a seamless day, you and Sandy produced amazing results. Marie a.k.a Mother of the Bride!

  • lauren

    These are amazing! Every single one was just spot on! Jena is the most beautiful bride and her details were perfection. Also, that shot of Jeremy with cake all over his face – SO MUCH YES!

  • Salman

    Lovely photographs!

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