Kim & Eric | Hollowbrook Golf Course
Kim & Eric | Hollowbrook Golf Course

Kim and Eric’s was our first wedding of 2016, yet a wedding we had been looking forward to for well over a year. Kim was a bridesmaid in a wedding we shot last year, and the third bride out of a group of friends who’s wedding we shot. Being that this was the first wedding of the year, we were excited to see old friends and get the season started on a good note. After a couple hours of driving in the pouring rain to get to Kim’s parent’s house in New York, hoping the rain would ease up, it didn’t. Most of the shots that Kim wanted of her and Eric were outside at the beautiful Hollowbrook Golf Course. Most importantly, a few shots of them on a bridge that she had been planning in her head for months.

As Sandi and I walked in, umbrellas in hand, we could see the concern on Kim’s face about the weather. I immediately explained to her that rain or shine, we would make it out to that bridge. Fingers crossed, I was really hoping for the rain to stop and sun to come out. It just wasn’t looking good.

After meeting up with Eric and his groomsmen to head over to the ceremony, the rain eased up and the sky looked promising. As Kim’s father walked her down the isle to meet her soon to be husband, the sun was shining through the church windows. Kim and Eric were married and we were off to Hollowbrook to take advantage of this break in the weather. We immediately hopped in a golf cart and headed out to the bridge. Sandi and couldn’t help but notice how happy Kim was that we had caught a break in the weather. As Kim stepped out onto the bridge and smiled, a plain wooden bridge seemed to all of a sudden light up. Kim looked absolutely stunning, and as Eric took her by the hand and walked her out to middle, the bridge slowly disappeared.

It turned out to be a beautiful day, at just the perfect times. Once the party started and we had all the photos we needed, the storms rolled back harder then they had all day. No one cared how bad it was raining, the party inside was jumpin. Sandi and I had a blast, we laughed, danced, talked with friends, and couldn’t be more thankful that Kim and Eric asked us to be there for all of it.

Kim and Eric, congrats again guys! We wish you nothing but the best! Thanks again for letting us tag along and be part of your big day, hope you love the photos as much as we do!

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