Lindsay & Alex | Pennsylvania Wedding
Lindsay & Alex | Pennsylvania Wedding

Leading up to Lindsay and Alex’s wedding, we were unsure of exactly how things were going to go. Being an artist herself, Lindsay knew how important it was to us to have full creative control, so she left everything in our hands. Being that the wedding was up in PA, we were unfamiliar with the area, and she hadn’t really decided on a place to get her photos done. She knew she didn’t want to have them done at the venue, but she was still deciding on a spot that would fit good with our style of shooting. Things were running a little behind on the wedding day, so after the ceremony ended and family pics in the church were done, Alex came up to me and said, “I don’t think we have any time to go where we wanted to take pics, the bus driver had somewhere else to be”. I asked if him and Lindsay and him wanted to hop in with Sandi and I, so that we could drive them, and his eyes lit up. So, thats what we did. Knowing that they may miss their cocktail hour, I was worried they would still feel rushed. I was very wrong, and getting some epic wedding photos was priority #1. We drove them to a preserve, and we had two choices, play it safe or make things a little more risky and try to find an old hidden farm house. As we hiked through a preserve, over a creek and through the woods, we eventually came upon the old farm house hidden away. It was well worth the hike, and they did end up missing the entire cocktail hour. We rolled up just in time for their announcements… my kind of wedding. We had a blast, and got them some pretty killer wedding photos.

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