Mackenzie & Mark | Talamore Country Club
Mackenzie & Mark | Talamore Country Club

On May 27th, Mark and Mackenzie were married at the St. Paul Roman Catholic Church, and celebrated with friends and family at the Talamore Country Club in Ambler, PA.When you’re a Yankees fan, and going to college where everyone roots for the Phillies, the odds of finding a girlfriend usually wouldn’t be that good. Luckily for Mark, there happened to be one other Yankees fan on campus, and she was a beautiful blonde named Mackenzie. The two were introduced, started dating, and on a hot steamy day in May, got married. Luckily for them, the Phillies stink, so Sandi and I didn’t mind shooting the wedding of two diehard Yankees fans. We knew there would be plenty of Phillies fans at the wedding to back us up if needed 🙂

This has been the best year for us since we started shooting weddings 4 years ago, and it’s because of the amazing clients we have had. Mark and Mackenzie both made us feel like family and we have two new friends now that we know we will be seeing more of very soon. They are two amazing people, that although root for the Yankees, made us appreciate once again why we fell in love with photographing weddings. We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for them, as well as being there for more of it. Congratulations again you guys, hope that you like your wedding photos as much as we do!

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Vendors for Mark & Mackenzie’s Talamore Country Club Wedding

Wedding Dress: Galia Lahav

Bride’s Shoes: BCBG

Makeup: Blume Salon (hair: Amina; make-up: Angie)

Florist: Flowers by Elizabeth

Wedding Cake: Anne’s Cake Pan

Ceremony/Reception: Talamore Country Club

DJ: Anthony V from East Coast Event Group



Jay Cassario


Rangefinder Magazine Feature 



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