Maggie & Jordan | Pennsylvania Farm Wedding
Maggie & Jordan | Pennsylvania Farm Wedding

Maggie and Jordan’s Pennsylvania farm wedding was one that we had been waiting all year for. They had their actual wedding ceremony a year prior, but had saved the vows they had written for each other. They wanted to read their vows to each other in more of an intimate setting on Jordan’s family farm. On June 4th, that’s exactly what they did, and Sandi and I were lucky enough to be there to photograph it for them. Jordan’s family farm over looks a beautiful stream, a stunning landscape, and was the perfect setting for the two to exchange their vows. After getting into her gown, Maggie walked across the street to Jordan’s parent’s farm, where he was waiting to see his beautiful wife. They exchanged vows, a few tears and smiles, and we were off to take some photos and celebrate with family and friends at a private farm in Phoenixville, PA.

To tell you a little more about these two, Maggie and Jordan’s families are neighbors. Jordan’s family bought the farm across the street from Maggie when he was 18. He and his brothers quickly became good friends with Maggie’s brother, Ben, who you will see in the shorts giving his speech below. A few years later, Jordan went to hang out with Ben for some beers at the Blind Tiger and Maggie decided to come along. Well, for the first time since becoming neighbors, the two hit it off. They then decided to go out on a date, for fish tacos, and they fell in love. As Maggie likes to say, the two of them basically fell in love over fish tacos 🙂

When Maggie and Jordan booked us to shoot their sharing of vows and reception, Sandi and I couldn’t have been more excited. They loved our style of photography and told us to be as creative as possible. The phrase that I absolutely love hearing from clients! After having them over the house, we found out that the 4 of us had a lot in common, and we really hit it off. We talked about our sons, food trucks, and a number of others things that I won’t get into. Their wedding will go down as one of the hottest we have shot, as well as one of our favorites. The beautiful private farm that they held the reception couldn’t have been more perfect, and once the wood fired pizza and beer truck pulled up… we were pretty much in heaven. I can’t stress how happy Sandi and I are that Maggie and Jordan asked us to photograph this day for them. I put a lot of pressure on us to capture amazing images for them, and I really think they will love what we got!

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