Mark & Sam | Cescaphe Ballroom
Mark & Sam | Cescaphe Ballroom

Mark and Sam got married on May 6th, at the Epiphany of Our Lord Parish in South Philly, and celebrated with family and friends at the Cescaphe Ballroom. Both, Sam and Mark, got ready at the Loews Hotel on Market Street, where we met them to get the day started. We decided to switch it up a little this time, rather than drive around all day following the trolly, we left our car at the hotel and rode on the trolly with everyone. The smartest move we could have made and definitely the way we’ll be doing it from here on out.

As you can see from the ceremony photos, the Epiphany of Our Lord Parish is an absolutely beautiful church to get married in. The shot of them coming out of the church for the first time as husband and wife really shows off just how impressive it is, which is just as nice on the inside. But, before that happened, I want to rewind a little bit back to the moment Sam pulled up to the church in her Pop’s vintage ’36 Ford. If you think that a car like that would impress you, you’re right, it’s a beauty. On May 6th, it wasn’t the car that everyone was looking at. It was the bride that was inside sitting in the rear seat with her father. There was a good breeze whipping around as she stepped out with the help from her father, and as it caught her dress and hair lifting both into the air it looked like something out of an old classic movie playing out in front of me. The photos I captured are nice, but it was something that you had to have seen in person.

After the ceremony, we rode the trolly with the entire bridal party and stopped on the way to the Cescaphe Ballroom at a couple places for photos. We didn’t have much time, only about 30 minutes so we had to make the most of it. I think we came through and got them the shots they were hoping for, plus a few more. The rest of the night went as we expected, an absolute blast. We knew a few people at the reception including a past bride and groom, which always makes for a good time. Before the guests came into the main room, we had a few minutes with Mark and Sam to take some shots of them up on the bar which were really happy about since we didn’t have a lot of time earlier for more photos of the two of them. The party was a blast and as a grabbed a few sugar cookies from the dessert bar on the way out, it was a great ending to a perfect day.

We love shooting at any of the Cescaphe event spaces, the Ballroom being our favorite but we aren’t due to be back again until late 2018. Hopefully, that changes soon, which I’m sure it will. Congrats again to Mark and Sam, we couldn’t be more happy for the both of you. Thank you again for an awesome day and for inviting us to be part of it all!

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