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Anytime we’re asked to photograph other photographers there’s a bit of added pressure, especially when it’s a lifestyle family shoot. There’s always self-inflicted pressure that we feel no matter who we’re photographing or what type of job it is. It’s what pushes us to be on our creative A-game and the little voice inside our heads during the shoot that tells us we suck and should have stayed home. A lot of times we get asked if we still feel pressure and to be honest, we put more pressure on ourselves today than ever. Whether Andy and Abigail knew it or not, we felt more pressure on this family shoot than any others that we’ve shot this year.

Andy and Abigail are the talented photographers behind Abigail Gingerale Photography and boudoir studio. We’ve known them for about 4 years now and couldn’t have more respect for them as photographers and business owners. Obviously, they know a lot of other talented photographers and could have asked anyone to take their family photos and we’re extremely grateful for that. We took their photos for the first time 4 years ago and had a lot of fun hanging out and really getting to really know them for the first time.

[FLASHBACK] Lydick Family Photos 2016

Looking like they stepped off of a magazine cover for their previous shoot we knew this one would be no different and we were right. Having 4 years go by in between shoots made this even more special getting to capture their beautiful little family growing up and even adding a new member, Kirk.

Back to the topic of pressure, we left this shoot feeling as if we totally let them down and should just give up family photography altogether. Yes, that is what pressure does to you. Well, to us anyway. As we started working our way through editing these, we eased up a little on ourselves and really loved the shots that we captured. Choosing the ones for this blog post was pretty tough, I could have easily made it four times longer. Gotta love pressure, amazing how that works isn’t it?



Jay Cassario


Rangefinder Magazine Feature 


  • Yes, I totally agree with you that photographing other photographers can be a big challenging sometimes. But you did a great job!

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