Rachael & Jon | Pen Ryn Mansion
Rachael & Jon | Pen Ryn Mansion

There are many reasons that Sandi and I love what we do, and love shooting weddings. The thing about being a wedding photographer, there is a lot more to just taking photos and being creative. In order for us to truly capture a wedding for our clients, we invest ourselves emotionally. From beginning to end, we get to know our clients to the point that we feel part of their wedding. Not only like a guest, but more like a close friend in the wedding party. When we take the time to get to know our clients on a closer level that we start to see all the little moments. Moments, like puzzle pieces, that when pieced together make a wedding day much more than just a marriage ceremony and a party. Moments that we might have missed had we not known where to look for them.

Rachael and Jon’s wedding, at the Pen Ryn Mansion, was one of those weddings that had tons of memorable moments. Funny moments, happy moments, and moments that made our eyes look like we had been chopping onions. The good thing is, it’s easy for us to hold the camera up to our eyes to hide the tears. The main reason I am taking the time to mention moments in this wedding blog, is because there was an extremely powerful moment that Sandi and I will remember for a long time to come. Being parents now to our 2 year old son Luke, we often find ourselves trying to imagine him getting married one day. As Rachael’s father walked her down the aisle, the officiant stopped him just before placing her hand in Jon’s. Having already known the strong relationship between Rachael and her father, I knew that this was an emotional moment for the both of them. As the officiant began to talk, it quickly became an emotional one for us as well.

The officiant looked directly at Rachael’s father, noticeably standing there tall and proud of his daughter. “I want you to look at your beautiful daughter, and realize that she is the woman she is today, standing before you, because of the way you raised her,” she said. Struggling to look into Rachael’s tear filled eyes, he simply grabbed her hand and smiled. It was a moment that I won’t soon forget.

The good thing about emotional ceremonies, they are usually followed by awesome parties. Racheal and Jon’s wedding was no different. With a few emotional speeches mixed in, the rest of the night was a great party. While Jon did his best to let Rachael do all the dancing, she managed to drag him out a few times. When she did, we were there making sure to capture every moment of it 🙂

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Vendors for Rachael & Jon’s Pen Ryn Mansion wedding

Wedding Dress: Alfred Angelo

Bride’s Shoes: audrey brooke

Groom’s Tux: Jos a banks

Groom’s Shoes: Chris Cole

Makeup: Ingrid’s Salon, Cinnaminson NJ

Florist: London Flower and Variety Inc

Caterer: Pen Ryn Mansion

Cake: Isgros Bakery

DJ: DJ Perry Angelozzi


Jay Cassario


Rangefinder Magazine Feature 



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