Salt Lake City Adventures
Salt Lake City Adventures

I just recently spent a week in a remote area of Utah, amongst some of the best photographers in the industry. Photographers that I’m also lucky enough to call my good friends. I simply can’t stress enough, the importance of getting involved with a group of like-minded individuals and spending time just creating and learning with them. We built on our relationships, made new ones, and did a whole lot of shooting. I absolutely love when I get a chance to switch things up and do some shooting outside of wedding photography, especially while it’s in the midst of wedding season. Shooting different things, using different techniques, and working with different kinds of subjects always helps strengthen my creativity when it comes to a wedding day or engagement shoot. While on this trip, I shot in the studio, used lighting gear I’ve only seen in high-end studios, and used reflectors the size of cars to enhance the natural light that I love working with.

I never want to stop learning, as there will always be more to learn. Photographers, please continue to master your craft, your art, and never let yourself be content. Go out and make connections, go to workshops to educate yourself, and surround yourself with friends that are positive role models and want to see you succeed. This, my friends, is one of the biggest investments you can make in yourself and your business.


Leica M240 + 50mm Summilux / 24mm Summilux 

Nikon D810 + 85mm f/1.4G 


Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC5 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC6 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC1 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC2 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC4 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC3 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC101 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC3001Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC32Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC24 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC25Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC30 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC29 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC28 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC26 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC27 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC31 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC3003Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC8 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC7 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC21 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC22 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC23 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC9 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC13 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC10 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC11 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC12 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC14 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC15 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC20 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC19 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC3000Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC16 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC18 Jay-Cassario-SLC-BC102


Jay Cassario


Rangefinder Magazine Feature 


  • Great work with light.

  • David Wagelmans

    you guys, just deliver awesome out of this world photography. makes me wanna sell all my gear 🙂
    top notch guys

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