Styled Shoot at The Globe Dye Works
Styled Shoot at The Globe Dye Works

Styled shoots are a lot of fun and a great way to be creative while teaming up and working with other talented vendors. We didn’t get a chance to do many of them in 2015 with all the work that went into getting Twisted Oaks Studio up and running, but it’s something we plan on doing a lot more of in the coming year. With an extremely talented group of photographers working for us now, these types of shoots are a great way to combine all our talents into one project and all work together creating images that can be used by the multiple vendors who participate.

With 2015 quickly coming to a close, I had wanted to work with a couple vendors I hadn’t had the chance to work with yet, and I’m glad that I did now. I worked with Emily Gillespie, the owner of Narola Design and Letterpress to put the shoot together, and everything went really smooth. We have always done styled shoots outdoors, but since its winter here in Jersey, we switched it up and shot this one inside at pretty unique spot in Philly.

The other cool thing about this shoot was that all of the hair and makeup was done in the new studio space in Hammonton that Sandi and I share with Emily, the owner of Narola Design, and Alex, the owner of Taffeta Hair and Makup Design.


Location:  Globe Dye Works

Model:  Megan Deanley

Photographers:  The Twisted Oaks Team – Jay Cassario, Laura Napoli, & Cecilia Grace 

Hair & Makeup:  Taffeta Hair and Makeup Design

Print Work:  Narola Design and Letterpress

Dress:  Provided by Wedding Belles Boutique from Northfield, NJ

Florist:  Cottage Flowers from Malvern, PA

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Jay Cassario


Rangefinder Magazine Feature 


  • […] A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting alongside Jay Cassario from Twisted Oaks Studio for a styled shoot at Globe Dye Works in Philadelphia. Jay set up this styled shoot and asked me if I’d like to tag along, and of course I wasn’t going to say no to that. The venue was incredible, the dress was gorgeous, the model was fantastic, the flowers were amazing, and the design and letterpress were beautiful (I wish I had actually some of those images, but you can check out more gorgeous images on the Twisted Oaks blog here). […]

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