Marra & Dan | Willow Creek Winery and Farm
Marra & Dan | Willow Creek Winery and Farm

Although Marra’s wedding wasn’t held at a castle in Scotland, like she had mentioned in her very first conversation with Dan when they met, it was just as beautiful as she had always dreamt it would be. On a sunny Spring day in April, Marra and Dan got married at the beautiful Willow Creek Winery and Farm in Cape May, NJ. The forecast had called for thunderstorms, but the rain stopped just in time for their outdoor ceremony. The sun even peeked through the storm clouds just as Marra walked out to meet her waiting father, where he would walk her down the aisle to be married.

Earlier that day, Marra got ready at the historic 1885 Victorian King’s Landing, in Cape May. In the dress she designed herself, her and Dan then shared a few minutes together at The Abbey, another historic gem, seeing each other for the first time. It had been raining off and on, but as the wedding party made their way over to the Willow Creek Winery and Farm, the rain completely stopped and never started back up. The sun stayed out as Marra and Dan tied the knot, and the remaining storm clouds only added to the beautiful view as the sun set down behind the Willow Creek vineyard.

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding that we couldn’t have been more thankful to be part of. Marra looked absolutely stunning in the wedding gown she designed herself. She also wore her grandmother’s Sweet 16 brooch, her mother’s diamond bracelet, and a pair of Jimmy Choo high heels that complimented her dress perfectly. Marra also designed and sewed the dresses worn by the flower girls. We couldn’t be happier for these two newlyweds, and although I was fighting a 102 fever and a bad cough all day, the images we captured for them made it all worth it.

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Vendors for Marra & Dan’s Willow Creek Winery & Farm Wedding

Wedding Dress: Designed by Marra

Groom’s Tux: Calvin Klein

Makeup: Your Day Your Way 

Florist: Coventry Crossing Florist 

Caterer: Southern Mansion

Ceremony/Reception: Willow Creek Winery & Farm

DJ: Posh Entertainment



Jay Cassario


Rangefinder Magazine Feature 


  • Vikki

    Absolutely stunning! So excited for my sister and Dan. Couldn’t be more happy to be a part of their day!

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