Winterthur Wedding | Sarah & Diego
Winterthur Wedding | Sarah & Diego

Sarah and Diego’s Winterthur wedding will hopefully leave no doubts as to why this is one of our favorite venues to shoot at. Over the past few years, as we’ve shot at more and more venues, there have been a select few that hold a special place in our hearts. The former DuPont residence that stretches for over 1000 acres called Winterthur is one of those venues. What was once the former home of Henry Francis du Pont, a renowned antiques collector and horticulturist is now a museum and most importantly for us a wedding venue. A venue that has a perfect mix of beautiful architecture and landscaping to keep a photographer’s creative motor fueled for well over multiple visits due to its size and intricacies.

Sarah and Diego were married at St Elizabeth’s Catholic Church on June 22, 2018. The remainder of the day was spent at Winterthur where the two of them spent a good amount of time enjoying their big day together while Sandi and I captured every moment. We love seeing our clients dedicate a nice chunk of time to themselves on their wedding day, allowing things to slow down a little and letting the biggest day of their lives soak in. No matter how long the wedding day is, it always seems to be over in the blink of an eye. Sarah and Diego set aside almost two hours where the two of them simply explored the Winterthur property hand in hand, enjoying each other’s company. Sandi and I did our best to capture as much as we could of that time in a storytelling way so that the two of them can look back on the photos and relive the day all over again.

It was an amazing day for two beautiful people at one of our favorite venues. Sarah looked absolutely stunning as you’ll see the photos that Sandi captured of her as she got ready. She looked even better with her arms around her new husband. We lucked out with some beautiful weather and we couldn’t have asked for a better Winterthur wedding in the typically hot month of June. We wish these two nothing but the best and look forward to seeing them again soon.

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  • Lindsey Colombo

    Beautiful pictures. Sarah looked stunning. We wish Sarah and Diego and long healthy and happy marriage.

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