Woolverton Inn Elopement | Heather & Randy
Woolverton Inn Elopement | Heather & Randy

Randy and Heather’s Elopement at the Woolverton Inn.

Instead of a big, traditional event, Randy and Heather opted for an intimate elopement at the Woolverton Inn in Pennsylvania. We don’t do a ton of elopements, but since we love our smaller and more intimate weddings we were excited to be a part of this one. Especially, once we arrived and got to see just how beautiful this venue was.

Driving up the long windy driveway to the property you can’t help but be drawn into the stunning picturesque countryside that’s all around. There’s an old barn that they’re still in the process of renovating (which we can’t wait to see when it’s done) along with the beautiful Victorian-style home surrounded by other small cottages and ten acres of gorgeous farmland. As we parked the car, we were greeted by the sight of sheep eyeing us from the pasture. We love sheep being that we live on a farm ourselves, so this was a pretty good way to get the day started for us.

One of the things we love about photographing weddings in the New Hope/Lambertville area is the variety of venues available. The Woolverton Inn was one we hadn’t been to before, and we were excited to explore. The gardens were bursting with color, and the entire farm had a rustic charm that was perfect for Randy and Heather’s intimate celebration.


As we captured the day’s events in our typical fashion, it was awesome to see how comfortable Randy and Heather were with each other in front of our cameras. We loved spending the day with both of them as they chose to focus on their relationship and commitment to each other without the distractions of a big event and we loved every moment of it. We believe that elopements have many benefits, including the ability to save money and focus on the couple’s relationship. Randy and Heather’s wedding was a testament to this.

At the end of the day, we were honored to have been a part of Randy and Heather’s intimate celebration. We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to capture their love and to tell their story through our photography. Check out their story below and relive the day all over again with us!


Jay Cassario


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