Wellington & Alyssa | Ballroom At The Ben
Wellington & Alyssa | Ballroom At The Ben

It was last summer, while on a family vacation, that I took a call from Wellington. He explained to me that he really liked our work and wanted to see if we could design him a photography package. Rather than wait til I got home, we worked something out right then and there. We hit it off and I could tell his wedding would be one that I would be looking forward to for a while. Well, it didn’t disappoint.

The day started off with a beautiful first look, but that wasn’t all. It also included an acrobatic show that I accidentally put on. As I was snapping away, I backed up and tripped over my camera bag. Not just a small trip, but more of an epic fall that I’ll remember for a while. While I was worried I would be feeling the pain the rest of the day, it was quickly forgotten about as we set off to get to the ceremony. Wellington and Alyssa got married at the Ballroom At The Ben, on a beautiful sunny day, and we ended up catching a stunning sunset just before the reception kicked off.

The reception was an absolute blast, filled with tears, laughter, and one of the funniest speeches I’ve heard from a groom’s father. Hopefully, we came through with capturing the day just as Wellington and Alyssa had hoped we would, and we didn’t disappoint!

Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0003 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0004 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0007 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0008 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0002 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0012 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0011 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0009 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0010 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0014 Ballroom at the Ben Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0017 Ballroom at the Ben Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0015 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0021 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0020 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0024 Ballroom at the Ben Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0025 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0026 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0027 Ballroom at the Ben Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0001 Ballroom at the Ben Ballroom at the Ben Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0030 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0029 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0032 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0033 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0031 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0034 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0035 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0036 Twisted-Oaks-Studio-Wu-Wedding-BenfranklinHouse-0037 Ballroom at the Ben


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