Ryland Inn Wedding | Carla & Chris
Ryland Inn Wedding | Carla & Chris

Carla and Chris Lesniak got married on June 8th of 2019 and it was Sandi and Jay‘s first time photographing a Ryland Inn wedding. This has been an interesting and fun year for the two of them when it comes to wedding venues as they’ve had the opportunity to shoot at a few new ones this year. Not only that but venues that have turned out to really impress them and produce some of their best work. The last blog post was from the wedding before Carla and Chris’s which was also at a venue that Jay and Sandi hadn’t shot at before and they both turned out to be amazing weddings.

The funny and ironic thing about that is a lot of times when talking to potential clients the question often comes up if any of our photographers have shot at a certain venue, or they specifically ask for the photographers who have. In reality, as most photographers will agree with me on, it’s often the very first time at a venue that produces their best work. Think of it like a painter with an empty slate. They aren’t worried about doing the same shots over again, instead, they simply look at it like they’re a kid in a candy store. When your clients are Carla and Chris who look like they just stepped off the cover of a magazine, it really doesn’t matter where the wedding is. It’s tough to take a bad photo and you do your best just not to screw up.

Below, you’ll find one of our favorite blog posts from Jay & Sandi. From beginning to end, we have no doubt that you’ll feel like you were there. Not only that, if you’re like the rest of us here at Twisted Oaks, you’ll actually wish you were there to see this first hand. Carla & Chris’s Ryland Inn wedding was undeniably an amazing day and we wish these two nothing but the best in the future. We look forward to watching their family of four grow (including their current children, a cat named Sylvester and a dog named Rizzo)  and working with them again in the future. We wish them nothing but the best and hope you enjoy scrolling through these photos as much as we did!


VENUE: The Ryland Inn – Grand Ballroom

HMU: La Belle Visage

BRIDE’S GOWN: Eve of Milady

BRIDE’S SHOES: Badgley Mischka

GROOM’S TUX: Men’s Wearhouse

GROOM’S SHOES: Calvin Klein


FLORIST: Twisted Willow

CAKE: La Bonbonniere Bake Shoppe


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Jay Cassario


Rangefinder Magazine Feature 


  • Rober Fesi

    Photos are really great and the looks of the bride is beautiful.

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